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To avoid the above, excessive ear wax should be removed as soon as possible using various methods of 'Ear Wax Removal', such as 'Microsuction, 'Irrigation' (minimal use only and no tap water used), plus 'Instrumentation'. These procedures can only be carried out by Practitioners such as Doctors, Nurses and Audiologists who have been suitably trained in 'Ear Care' procedures.


As anybody who has experienced 'excessive ear wax' problems knows, it can be extremely painful and needs urgent attention. All these problems can now be alleviated with one 'Home Visit' from myself, thereby completely eliminating those long waiting times that can occur.

(Please note: I assume that clients have prepared ear(s) before the procedure can be carried out, such as the use of olive oil to soften wax)


At your appointment I will ask you some questions about your medical history first, then carry out a procedure known as 'Otoscopy', which is a thorough visual examination of both ears. Once this has been carried out, I will be able to select the most appropiate method of removing the wax/debris/infected area or foreign bodies from your ear(s).


The appointment should take between 30-60mins depending on the severity of the condition. The price for this exclusive highly personalised service is £50 for one ear and £80 for both ears (please note no initial consultation fees), home visits outside of a 10 mile radius of my home in Hanham, Bristol will incur a £10 extra charge to cover extra fuel costs/time etc.

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