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There are many different shapes and sizes of hearing devices, although generally speaking only two types are widely used. Thankfully most devices/aids these days are remarkably small and discreet.


We have all seen the press adverts showing the first type of device, which is of course the 'in the ear' variety, often described as 'invisible', and therefore the most desirable option, with the highest customer satisfaction rating, though not for everybody.


The second type is the 'on/over the ear' variety, which is proving very popular these days due to huge progress in 'miniaturization', aiding cosmetic appeal and providing very high levels of comfort for the wearer. It should be noted though that for some, limited dexterity and the wearing of spectacles can be problematic.


Of course the NHS still supplies hearing aids, admittedly offering less of a choice to the wearer, but the hearing aids are suited to all types of hearing loss and are still available free of charge through your GP.


What type of hearing device that suits you is dependent on a wide range of criteria such as, size and shape of your ear canal, severity of hearing loss and your dexterity, to name but a few.


Ultimately, the final choice can only be decided by yourself, but not until you have had a 'Full Hearing Consultation' (£50 Fee), and received expert advice from myself explaining your options fully, this will then enable you to make a properly informed decision.


Of course most people in the first instance are simply not sure if excessive wax in the ear(s) is causing some problems with their hearing? I can identify this and remedy immediately using various 'ear wax removal' procedures including 'microsuction' technique.


Please call me to discuss any of the above in the first instance.