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The biggest benefit to yourself is my invaluable 20+ years experience as a fully qualified 'Hearing Consultant', first and foremost, working with the major companies on the high street.


It was during that period that I realised frustratingly, I wasn't able to give customers the best possible service or outcome, due mainly to time restrictions. I still believe (and always will) that a 'Home Visit Service', provides the best possible outcome attainable, due to an unhurried approach coupled with a much more relaxed and personalised service.


Hearing Checks carried out in your own home at a time convenient to yourself; most hearing problems occur in your own home environment so what better place to discuss, whilst keeping any inconvenience to yourselves to a minimum.


Fully trained by the 'NHS Primary Ear Care & Audiology Services' to carry out all forms of 'Ear Wax Removal', 'Removal of Foreign Bodies' and the 'Removal of Infected Debris in the Ear(s)' using mainly the 'Microsuction' method, in the comfort of your own home primarily, all services available to clients in the BS, BA, and SN postcode areas.



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